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GlitterRose is a request edit site owned by Mickey && Shann. We promised to dedicate our time and talent by sending out edits of great quality to everyone. Thanks for visiting! If you have any questions please check out the links below in our naviation.

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Shann and I are looking for another member :) We've been super excited and thankful for the awesome requests we've received from you all. We need just a little more help because you guys request a lot haha. Want to be apart of the team? Simply fill out the form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Looking forward to your submission! ♥

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Surprise! Shann and I have been talking about doing this for yearsssss. We were finally able to come together these last few weeks and bring together an amazing editing site for you guys! GlitterRose will be a free thing, no charging at all. We've missed days like so where people would simply exchange things or hand out just because... I hope you guys are as happy as we are to be doing this. A lot of thought was put into this project so please show patience and respect.

We're still getting some things together but in the mean time every link should be directed correctly and the form should be working. if anything is out of place or not working for you feel free to use our chat service or contact us via our contact links in the navigation. Don't forget to check out our T.O.U and rules so you can enjoy this site without any complications. Thank you!